Rollescape Forster NSW April 2023

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Oh my goodness, we had a FANTASTIC time at our Rollescape event in Forster, NSW! 🎉 A whopping 40 Rollers brought their super cool Rolling Abodes to join the camping weekend at the NRMA Forster Tuncurry Holiday Park! 🚐🌳 The Autumn weather was simply picture-perfect all weekend long, proving that sometimes, you just gotta toss that forecast aside and let your hair down!

Some early birds flew in before Friday to snag their spots and scope out the scene! 🐦🚐 The majority of our fun-loving crew rolled in on Friday, jazzed up their sites, and then meandered down to the lakefront with their go-to beverages and a yummy assortment of snacks to share while basking in the sunset. 🌅🍹 At each of our events, we always make sure to schedule a friendly meet-and-greet, because that’s when the magic happens: mingling, brainstorming, and cooking up some extra-special weekend activities! ✨🤗

The moment the sun blew a sweet farewell kiss to the horizon, a bunch of us sprang into action! 🌅💋 We dashed off to the camp kitchen, armed with an array of board games and group activities, all set for a night of fun and laughter! 🎲🥳 As we played, plans began to hatch for Saturday’s epic adventures, with excitement bubbling through the air! 🗓️💡

Saturday morning had a bunch of us scampering off to Nabiac like giddy little squirrels! 🐿️🌞 We explored the Farmers Market, soaking in the fresh produce and local goodies, then hopped around the op shops, snatching up all sorts of treasures we didn’t really need but couldn’t resist! 🍎🛍️😄

Once we’d had our fill of retail therapy, we zipped back to NRMA Forster Tuncurry Holiday Park for a well-deserved Nanna nap! 😴🛌

When Saturday evening rolled around, our Rollers split into two fun-seeking squads! One group ventured to the local cinema for a screening of “80 for Brady” 🎥🍿 while the other half opted for a mouthwatering smorgasbord of Thai and Chinese takeaway, gathering in the Camp Kitchen to feast and be merry! 🍜🥠🥢

Suddenly, a surprise birthday cake emerged, and a hilariously off-key choir belted out “Happy Birthday” for Kayleen (who turned 21 again 😉) The park echoed with laughter and cheer! 🎂🎶 We all savored the scrumptious Sara Lee creation, heaping on extra cream for good measure, of course! 🍰

Alas, Sunday morning crept up on us all too quickly, and it was time to bid adieu to our new and old friends…for now. 😢 Some of us had to reluctantly head home, with work looming on the horizon 🏠, while others, blessed with more free time, played “spin the wheel” to decide where their next adventure would take them, wandering off into the great unknown with no fixed destination! 🗺️🚐💨

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