The Sisterhood of the Travelling Vans

Getting Rolling

You know what is so great about having members located all over Australia ?

It’s knowing that you can reach out and connect with other Rollers on your travels.  Whether that is in our very own private community app online or meeting up for a coffee on your way through their town. 

We all love travelling on our own, but there are some days when you might want to connect with others just like you, even if its just for a coffee, a walk in the local park or to learn some local only knowledge in the towns you’re visiting.

Using the Community To Connect

Within our community area using your smart device’s location feature you can find members by location.

As long as other members have their location on their profile, all you need to do is either turn on Location on your device to automatically adjust where you are or manually type in your town in your profile area.

Once you have updated your location just head to members > near me to see who is about.

Creating a new post and mentioning the member is the best way to put out a message to say you’ll be in that area.  Who know’s perhaps there are more in that area and will reply to your post!

Here are some ways that by having a network of members around can help you out!

Unexpected hospital stay in an unfamiliar town with no family or friends nearby – Rollers to the rescue.  Our patient member had an influx of visitors to keep her company over the days she was in hospital.

A Roller was looking for a van to buy and found what she thought was the van for her… problem was it was thousands of kms away and was not able to go and check it out herself – Rollers to the rescue!   A member local to where the potential van was located went to look at it for her.  Took lots of photos and had a good stickybeak.   The feedback was information which eventually deterred our member from buying the vehicle as it had more problems visually than were listed in the for sale sign online.

Another member had a serious malfunction on her caravan axle and was stranded in a remote outbock town for a few days while her caravan axle was being repaired…low and behold a member lived about 30 minutes away and came to visit and show her around the town.

So not only for the good times, having a network of “sister’s” all over Australia can add to the safety and sometimes loneliness factor when you are travelling alone and connecting with them is easy when they are all communicating in the one place!

Join the Sisterhood of the Travelling Vans

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a community of solo travelling women just like you, located all around Australia that you can meet up, have a coffee, go roadtripping & camping with, or chat with anytime in a secure online environment.  You don’t have to have a motorhome, caravan or campervan to join Rolling Solo – many Roller join in with just a tent and car.  Being single is not a pre-requisite either!  

We're off to SA

We’re on a secret agent mission to the Fleurieu Peninsula in November 2024