Rolling Solo Adventures: A Journey Through Western Australia

The Places We Go

Helen recently shared an exciting update in the Campfire Chat about the WA girls’ adventurous journey. On their way to Stuck In The Middle in Alice Springs. They made it to the border along the Great Central Road, marking a significant milestone in their trip. The Great Central Road is a renowned route that traverses some of Australia’s most remote and stunning landscapes, providing both challenges and breathtaking views.

Congratulations to Helen and the WA girls for their remarkable achievement. Here’s to more exciting travels and shared stories from the road!

First Night Out at Douglas Lake On their first night, Helen Pitchers, Chris, Deb, Denise, and Sandy gathered at Douglas Lake, just 15 kilometers outside of Kalgoorlie. The group enjoyed a morning tea break at the historic Broad Arrow pub.

Douglas Lake Meetup

Day 2: Kookynie Pub and Niagara Dam The second day of their adventure took the group to the iconic Kookynie pub, followed by a night spent at the scenic Niagara Dam.

Kookynie Pub

Reaching the Border Along the Great Central Road Helen and the WA girls celebrated a significant milestone by reaching the border along the Great Central Road, marking a thrilling moment in their journey.

Border on the Great Central Road

Arrival at Yulara and Encounters with Wildlife The group made it to Yulara and set up camp in the overflow area, where they had amusing encounters with spinifex hopping mice. They enjoyed stunning views of The Olgas upon arrival.

Views of The Olgas

Sunrise Tour of the Rock The adventurers had an unforgettable sunrise tour of Uluru, with some opting for Segways and others for camels, before heading towards Kings Canyon.

Sunrise Tour of Uluru

Henley on Todd in Alice Springs The WA country rollers had a fantastic day at Henley on Todd in Alice Springs. Helen congratulated Leanne for sharing her heartfelt story and promoting bowel cancer checks, highlighting her as an ambassador for both the Rollers and health awareness.

Henley on Todd in Alice Springs


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