Should I stay or should I go?

Getting Rolling

Travelling on your own requires you to use a completely different survival skill set to when travelling with a co-driver or passenger.

The decisions on where to stop, how long for and safety considerations all are on you.  Gut instinct is a good indicator that can assist with your decision making skills but as a new Roller having a few good pointers to start with can help you decide on whether you should stay or go.

With literally thousands of free camping areas in Australia, some more isolated than others it’s a common question in our group as to the safety of stopping in these areas when you are travelling solo so lets get into some food for thought.


Member Tips

Find a spot where there are other vans.


Check the area for burnouts, beer bottles or large dumps of rubbish.  It may be the local hoon hangout area.


Out of sight of the road, but not too far.  Park your vehicle facing the direction to exit the area in case you need to make a quick escape and can drive straight out.


Don’t camp under “widow makers” Gum tree branches break off easily and give you no notice when they’re about to do it.


If there has been lots of rain, try and park in a higher area or make sure you have a path to make it to higher ground.

Anne C

Don’t park in a designated truck area… and especially with a Roller Sticker on!


pull up and wait for others in camp to see how noisey they be before i settle i just get a feel for the place walk around a little then set up if i like the atmosphere.


I prefer to camp where there are others. If no one else has pulled in by about 3.30 I usually head off.


A level spot, what sort of ground so I don’t get bogged in sand or mud if wet, overhead branches, rubbish, burnouts, human waste and somewhere I can exit from easily. I also try to have some sort of barrier close by (small tree, bush, rocks, gravel pile or dirt mound so nobody can get to close or do burnouts around me. If its just overnight I don’t set up or leave anything out, make sure I pack and clean up my things inside before retiring.


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