Say Hello To Our New & Improved Community

Getting Rolling

Say Hello To Our New & Improved Community

Getting Rolling

You likely have received an email from me lately asking to join our new app.  Yes it was from me and yes I know you are already a member.  So I’ll explain, as I can understand how it could be confusing.

Our Rolling Solo member website has been in the current format for about a year.  It’s been a great resource for many, but sadly not utilised as much as I hoped. 

So I did a survey and your answers suggested that over 70% of us are using a phone, ipad, tablet to access most sites on the road. 

Although our website is optimised for the mobile experience, on a smaller screen can be difficult, my challenge was to find something that could be used on a desktop, mobile or tablet super easily!

In order for all members to get the most out of the website I started researching a way to display our info, connect us better, allow us to ask questions, see events, post and even interact with the wider community in an easier, faster and user intuitive way – in a format that most of us have been exposed to and are familiar with – yes like facebook.  But it’s NOT facebook.

Don’t get me wrong.  Facebook is great for connecting friends and families but for a community like ours with so many facets and moving parts severely lacked a way for me to organise and run the show… which is what you paid a subscription for…right?   

Hopping between posting in the website (for non facebook users – about 35% of us)  and reposting information in facebook, answering questions in facebook messenger, in private messages on the website, in the activity feed on the website and sending an email about updates had me running between campfires like a game of long distance chinese whispers. 

It has been to say the least, virtually exhausting! 

OMG don’t even mention Instagram or pinterest to me right now… I got no time!  Lol

I came across Mighty Networks and by the end of my first day absorbing all the information about what a Mighty Network could do for our community was smitten with the idea that a Mighty Network for Rolling solo was the light at the end of the tunnel.  Plus it was founded by a woman who’s love, passion and life’s work was all about creating authentic and connected communities sealed the deal for me.

I was hook, line and sinkered and I signed up then and there to start right away on building the community you see in our new app.  It’s not a replacement of our website, it’s an extension. 

Some of our menu items link straight to it if you’re signed in, but there are many more features within our network that I never even had on our website, so I see it as a great improvement to the way we can do things together.

The website (you’re on it now) will still be the home for all your subscription information, your account for purchases, the member map, the member directory and our Roller Wiki.  So don’t forget your password!!

What's Staying on the Website


Your Member profile

your membership and subscription information

Your account to view shop orders and purchases

Member Map



What features are now in the new community?


Forum – Ask Questions, Create Polls

Posts – Easy Post Option

Articles – Longer Article Option with multiple images

Groups by State & Region

Topics to Sort Posts and Articles

Buy / Sell / Swap Classifieds.

+ more stuff there than we ever had!!

 Moving some of our menu items to the community in Mighty Networks will free up many many hours of development and website maintenance time on my part – about 50 per week ( and that’s just the online part).

Which will give me more time to do the things that are the most important for you –

  • Finding locations & Creating events all over Australia for you to just RSVP to and show up
  • Getting out and talking to companies and suppliers to get us cool discounts
  • Spreading the word about our community.
  • Creating great content for you to consume & use
  • Helping you get the most out of your time as a Roller – the online side.

plus one selfish one for me….. less time in front of a computer screen and have more time to get out and go camping too. The whole reason behind how this community even started!

So I am super excited (in a computer nerd way) and truly looking forward to building our community on Mighty Networks.  I think you will fall in love with it too – maybe after dinner and a dance first 😉 .

Our community is only as good as the members within it so join me down by the campfire,  pass me some kindling and help me get this community warmed up.

This is your campfire…so let’s get stoking it!




Join the Sisterhood of the Travelling Vans

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a community of solo travelling women just like you, located all around Australia that you can meet up, have a coffee, go roadtripping & camping with, or chat with anytime in a secure online environment.  You don’t have to have a motorhome, caravan or campervan to join Rolling Solo – many Roller join in with just a tent and car.  Being single is not a pre-requisite either!