Member Property - Coober Pedy

Crows Road Coober Pedy South Australia 5723 AU

This is MY place.  My DUGOUT, yes I live underground.  It’s cool, no I mean it is cool all year round, a pleasant 23-26 degrees all year round.  It looks a little rough around the edges, somewhat rustic, but I’m sick of plasterboard and gardens and letter boxes and TRAFFIC LIGHTS and neighbours who don’t talk to you, and feeling more isolated than being out in the desert.  I love the colours of the natural earth around me, and I don’t mind walking around in semi darkness the further you go back into the dugout (yes I have power, but I don’t like to waste it, and if I don’t use my senses, I’ll lose them).  I find it comforting having some 6 metres of sandstone over my head.  Yes it can get dusty, some people hate the dust, I find if cleaner than the dust I accumulated on my furniture in Melbourne (Security system, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) and it’s more interesting, it’s pure and natural and “clean”.  There is one thing that is seriously annoying, not so much to me, but to friends and family trying to contact you on your mobile.  There is NO mobile coverage underground…I am yet to find a solution to this problem, there must be a WiFi modem/router that can work with a booster to the underground, if I find one, I could make a fortune up here selling them ha ha ha 

My property lies on over 2 1/2 acres but due to the nature of the earthen landscaping at the front, there would be room for approximately 6 – 8 Vans/MH’s at any one time, additional Tent spaces available 6 – 8

Power available to Rollers without Solar Panels



Facilties Available
Toilets, Showers, Power, Water Tap, Pet Friendly, BBQ, Bins, Kitchen, Laundry, Fireplace, Happy Hour, Scenic, Shade