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Multi Reel Narrow – Hot Pink

Original price was: $79.00.Current price is: $75.00.


A mid-size cable reel perfect for up to 22m of extension lead and many other uses. It has the same diameter as the Original Multi-Reel for easy stacking, but can save you a bit of space if you don’t need the full 30m capacity, as it it’s narrower in depth.

Now available in Hot Pink! (New November 2023)


Cable Reel Use/Capacity Suggestions


  • 37 cm diameter (same as Original Multi-Reel)
  • 44 cm including handle
  • 6.5 cm deep (same as Compact Multi-Reel)
  • 0.9 kg when empty
  • Neatly stacks with other Flat Out Multi-Reel products with SKU starting in M.

If you have an older Flat Out 15m Drink Water hose unit it might be stored on the deeper variant Origianl Multi-Reel. If you wish to improve the user friendliness of your hose, it will fit on this Narrow Multi-Reel (to check, measure the depth of your existing Multi-Reel, if it is 8cm, you have the Original one). If you upgrade to this Narrow version, remember you can repurpose your Original Multi-Reel for use with an extension lead at home, work, or on the road.