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When it comes to camping, one of the most significant considerations is managing bathroom needs. You don’t need to have a motorhome with all the bells and buttons just for a toilet on board.  Fortunately, there are many types of portable toilets designed for camping that make the experience much more comfortable for us ladies, that get up in the middle of the night and gotta go!

Let’s explore the different types of portable toilets available in Australia, how they work, and the suitable chemicals to use for these toilets.

1. Bucket-style Portable Toilets

Bucket-style toilets are the most straightforward and inexpensive type of portable toilet. They resemble a bucket with a toilet seat on top and are very easy to use.

How it works: Simply line the bucket with a disposable bag, do your business, seal the bag, and dispose of it in a proper waste bin.

Recommended Chemicals: Using biodegradable toilet bags can make disposal easier and more environmentally friendly.

2. Collapsible Portable Toilets

Collapsible portable toilets are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for campers who need to save space.

How it works: This toilet type unfolds and sets up in seconds, and works similarly to the bucket-style toilet: line with a bag, use, seal, and dispose.

Recommended Chemicals: As with bucket-style toilets, biodegradable toilet bags are advisable for this toilet type.


3. Flushable Portable Toilets

Flushable portable toilets are a bit larger and more sophisticated. They feature a freshwater storage tank and a waste tank, making them more like a home toilet.  

How it works: After use, you pump a handle to flush waste from the bowl to the sealed waste tank below. Once the waste tank is full, it can be detached and emptied into a standard toilet or waste disposal station.


Recommended Chemicals: Products like Thetford Aqua-Kem are specially designed for this purpose. They help break down waste, control odors, and make the waste tank easier to clean.

Adventure Kings 20L Portable Camping Toilet Potty Flushable

4. Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are eco-friendly, converting waste into compost rather than storing it in a tank. These are an excellent choice for long-term camping or van life.

How it works: Composting toilets separate liquid and solid waste. Solids mix with a composting medium like coconut coir or sawdust, and over time, they compost into a soil-like substance that can be safely disposed of.

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Recommended Chemicals: No chemicals are needed! Simply use organic composting material.

Now that you’re camping because you want to not because you have to comfort, convenience, and cleanliness are paramount.

Thanks to the variety of portable toilets available, you can choose the one that best suits your camping style and personal preference.

Remember, your adventures are as good as the gear you carry, and a good camping toilet can make your outdoor experience all the more enjoyable.

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