My Great Australian Adventure

It all started with a promise, a promise of a dream that we were going to share together. The big universe had other ideas. So one day in April 2016 up popped my new travelling home in a Facebook message. You see, I had a friend who wanted to share my vicariously and she was a hunting for a van that would suit me. It was just me and my two furry ones who were going to share the dream now.

Though I had covered several hundred thousand kilometres in my 60 years, never had I towed a caravan, let alone by myself. A little daunting one might say, but the budget and the adventure needed transportable accommodation. So having chanced upon the perfect van in many senses off I went to part with my money and bring her back to home base.

That was my first challenge of my adventure. Towing out of Sydney, New South Wales, what was I thinking. So I gritted my teeth and faced up to the challenge and of I set with Port Macquarie in my sites. No racing up the freeway at 110 kms for me, but a slow easy plod whilst I got a grip on myself and the feel of my dream. It was a truly, mostly uneventful trip, just one snag. Into service station I went and guess what the wrong entry. So tested my skills at reversing in the dark. Well done, just required a little patience.

With great relief and a sense of achievement I navigated to the place I called home. A little trip around the block saved a U-turn and parked her out on the street for all to admire. Now I wasn’t leaving for the Great Adventure for another three months. That was the time I was going to use to work this baby out and do some packing.

Packing, what to take, what to get rid of, what else do I need, so many what’s, good job I had plenty of time. You can seek advice from all quarters, troll the net and Facebook to your hearts content. Nothing however, is going to fully prepare you for your adventure. But chin up and matching forward with your sense of adventure will get you everywhere, literally wherever you want to go.

Until next time, when we go through the pre-adventure trials and joy. Jenni