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Getting Rolling

Roller Lyn had just bought a Toyota hiace campervan and was looking for suggestions on what essentials other Rollers pack in their campervans…. here were some of those ideas from the mouths of other Rollers!

A good torch

Kettle, coffee cup, plate, knife for , spoon. Saucepan, frypan, something to cook on, something to carry water in

Toilet paper, duct tape,

Duck Tape, different length Zip Ties, spare pegs for holding down awning and ground sheet, hammer / mallet, Allen Keys,

I have bought 3m hooks which i have put up in my hiace to hang keys from. Hooks for tea towel some for hanging clothes from on drivers side where it doesn’t effect your rear vision. 5 drawer plastic box from cheap shop that slides under bed to hold clothes etc.

Fire extinguisher, mozzie repellent, first aid kit, fresh bottled water, wine

and something to drink the wine out of (and bickies and cheese)

Zip Ties
Screwdriver Set
Small Shifter
Super Glue

Camp chair outdoor table. Torch carjack. Car oil

Two nice wine glasses..!!!!

Comfy blankets/ doona & for really cold climates a hot water bottle! 12v fan for hot weather.

Solar charger for phone.
12v charger.
10 litre Water .containers
Catalytic gas heater.
Gas lamp.
Gas cannisters 2 kinds
1 or 2 burner cooker with wind protection.
Space blanket.

Short rubber boots to keep feet dry on cold mornings. Cooling mat to sleep on on hot nights

Thermals, gloves, thick socks, Beanie + 3 layers of clothing & warm blankets & that just for cold weather lol yep I’ve done – 3 degrees nothing worst laying awake freezing cold

Fold down laundry oval shape bucket..I have found it so handy when camping to throw shoes in outside van at doorway. At night I slide the bucket under my van so keeps shoes dry. But all shoes handy when needed..especially good when I have grandkids with me..plus dual purpose if needed holds water.

Be careful leaving shoes outside when camping as little nasties love to crawl inside.

Anti slip rubber matting

I have a Toyota Hi -Ace commuter, love it, don’t forget mozzie coils or repellent and aloe vera, just in case you happen to have a burn, it works wonderfully

I agree with Fay Byrnes. A good tool set is a must and also a cross brace for changing tyres. Plus extra spare parts. Back in the 80’s I had a Cortina and always carried an extra fan belt, spark plugs, etc. Just in case. Better to hage it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

A set up and pack up list. It just enables you to get your routines happening faster and avoid potential problems.

A big rubber non slip mat for outside your door as I find it better than tarp. A nice thick underlay and warm quilt for your bed. Your going to love it. Here is mine 1997 Toyota hiace hi top. What year is yours ?

Roadside Service is a must-have!!!
Small tool set = couple each: screwdrivers, pliers, shifters, multi grips, stanley knife, hammer, zip ties and duct tape …. 10 litre fresh drinking water…baby wipes for top-n-tail quick ‘wash’… basic first aid kit with added pain killers, antihistamines, salves and band aids.
Fold and roll all clothes and linen to save space, use grippa cloth as drawer and shelf liners and bubble wrap to separate breakables or rattley stuff.
Keep heavy stuff stored low and lighter things only up high. You will need some sort of grey water ‘tank’ and a freshwater tank too if possible.

Bungee cords (can double as a clothes line), thermos, solar fairy lights for outside when camped, flannelette sheets in winter & a beanie!

Pack as little as possible and as you roll, the essentials will become apparent. Also don’t forget to pack something you enjoy doing to fill in time when you can’t be exploring and adventuring. Something outside your door to wipe feet on is essential to me. Also a billy and tea bags. Good tool box, rubber gloves for when filling up with diesel, wet ones, sun block, a hat. Water and food.

Basic Tool Kit

Head torch leaves hands free ,bucket and 12v shower, good phone charger.

Was going to say ‘Head Torch’ too!
After a few dark nights of wrangling two young pooches with tangled leads, whilst trying to hold a torch and avoid monster spider webs it all became soooo obvious – get a Head Torch asap!!

I have a head torch but gave it the flick after discovering a Bunnings cap with 4 LED lights built into the visor. Brilliant for walking, reading and FB’ing at night.

Solar phone recharger.. and a compact 12v jumper lead set..

Sense of humour..

I just chucked all the stuff I thought I would need into my car, headed to another State to pick up my motorhome and took off.
Easy to to pick up what you need as you roll.
You will always have stuff you don’t need and stuff you have forgotten.
Op shops are your best friend.
Relax, roll and enjoy

Spare fan belt, radiator hoses, and self confidence of course

Wiki camps, comfortable chair, kindle, coffee and music.

Don’t forget the wine

Toilet paper, Vicks for those mozzie/sandfly bites, good music, layered clothing, and um, um, ummm, sense of humour for the shitty moments

Potato peeler, sharp knife. Grater, pot with steamer, frying pan with lid..

1. Outside ground mat.
2. Bucket.
3. Torch.
4. Car jack.
5. Transistor radio.

And I have a large lunchbox filled with assorted glues, safety pins, keyrings, gas mantles, tent repair stuff, micro screwdrivers, multitool, gaffa tape, fishing line, string etc, Paper towel and tea towels, chopping board, spare medications in a cool place and back-up prescriptions, a daypack with a chest and waist strap and a zip compartment for wallet, slip on shoes/moccasins for night time excursions.

A few planks of wood for levelling van on uneven ground, an oil filter loosening tool so you can do your own servicing, a strong roof rack to hold a solar panel, canoe or surf board as well as a roof top water tank to take showers in free camp sites, a roo bar to bolt your spare tyre to, RAC total care membership, good tool kit to fix simple stuff.

If you don’t have an onboard toilet – Kitty litter and a shallow plastic container with a lid to use as the tray. I line with a plastic shopping bag. Great for overnight emergencies!

A tube of Dermaid. Brilliant for ‘shower foot’.

Shower thongs. hand sanitiser. Telstra. Hooks for hanging stuff . Box that can be secured for books n bedside stuff.

pegs and ocky straps

Spare batteries for torch, and a spare phone charger lead – they can get a bit fragile after a while

Lots of things necessary…… eg tyre compressor . Jack and tyre iron. RAA membership. Levelling blocks . Just a few.. there are plenty of others but there are lotsa ladies to advise.. just choose what is necessary for you. Whoops nearly forgot CB Radio, fairly important for when no mobile coverage.

Thick beach towels to put on the floor in winter as insulation, stretchy clothesline and real pegs, salt and pepper, one saucepan, 1 fry pan, windscreen protector, 4 plug power board. I bought those mats from Bunnings that look like a jigsaw last year- they are soft and great for insulation.

Can opener

If you have animals sachets of vitamin c powder and a syringe squirter can save their lives from snake bite

A $2 fly swat !

it all depends what you’re doing, however here’s my fave 5…….some turf by your doorstep or a rubber floor mat, a brush for keeping the floor clean from mud, dust, leaves, dirt etc., small fairy lights, a camp light with different brightness levels, and some hooks for hanging rubbish, towels etc. Make sure there’s easy access for everything, plus a place for everything with a list of everything you got, so you’re not searching for things each time you get out the van, and keep things tidy. There’s so much more, and all depends how you like to travel, but with everyone’s tips, that should get you started.

Tarp and large magnets. Get from mitre 10 magnets.

Here’s something you can make with shower curtains and double sided sticky velcro

Fan, solar

Torch, towel, tarp.

Rubber gloves, toilet paper, water. Rubber gloves for fuelling up with diesel and emptying the black water.

Umbrella or emergency poncho, transistor radio, baby wet wipes for bird baths if no shower, bags for rubbish, small bucket for night wees.

Any one add Duct tape

electrical ties, velcro wrap, baling twine…if it cannot be fixed with any of those better call someone who knows…!

Headlamp eyepatch to block out early sun rays. Whatever u buy it should have 2 purposes. I have a hiace and i keep downsizing. Has taken 1.5 years .

Op shops are great for those little things you may have forgotten or for that warm jumper you have didn’t pack.
Great for books too as I love reading. Get them in one op shop and donate at the next one.

and when there is a change of season you can donate back…thus stopping the build up of clothes! I would actually go for 3-4 4 tops and the same for pants as one never knows if that short shower of rain is going to last for 3 days! oh and a weeks supply of undies as whilst one usually get away with wearing mixed up outer garments I do like fresh undies!

shewee has been my best purchase (and keeping a bottle to go in at night) and a pair of multi grips and screw drivers

an epirb . It could save your life. http://www.epirb.com/

A loud whistle. In case you ever need help. Also a good idea to aleays have your keys neat by, if you need assistance you can set off the alarm on your vehicle to attract attention.

A checklist for packing up. ie. Switching fridge over when you are traveling. Turn gas bottles off. Locking cupboards etc

Never pass a service station..fill up all the time


  • I stick a card in my steering wheel to remind me to turn off the gas when I jump in the cab to drive. I often forget so this really helps. Love my tap lock thingy. You can always get water when the top of the tap is missing — courtesy of councils
  • Forgot #1—WINE
  • Only pack anything that has at LEAST 2 functions. My cookware was $15 from Kmart and can go on campfire and i/s stove.GR8 set. Don’t worry about shower at first. So easy to buy it from servo’s/caravan parks. They usually cost $2 – $5 depending if you are Outback or not. I have never put up my privacy tent in all this year’s travelling. I always carry 1 10 L water container. Warm doona. Wee bucket is my essential. App on phone called The Emergency App. Free so check it out.

Boab pitstop tents added to my van. Love these. Great in rain & great for privacy


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