So glad you found us

if you have been looking for a way to get outdoors & start enjoying life again, make new friends, pick up on some activities & hobbies you used to love or are interested in learning some new ones with women just like you then you have just found your “tribe”.

We are all about getting outside, going on adventures, travelling in Australia, connecting with other women just like you and grabbing life by the short and curlies.

Sound like you?  Jump in let’s go for a drive!

Less than the cost of a coffee a month!

Joining the Roller “tribe” gives you access all areas of our website. Exclusive invitation to our events, forums, groups, chat rooms, member store and discounts pages, classifieds, Roller Wiki and our private community app.

You will receive a personalised membership card with your official Rolling Solo member number and name, with a lanyard  for events.  Get unlimited access to the website, events, chat, classifieds, pitstops, discount camping and outdoor gear, partner discounts, access to all groups and activities . Membership works out to be $3.83 per month.  

You’d be hard pressed to buy a decent coffee for that price!  But the value you will get by becoming member, making new lifelong friends, joining the fun and adventures together will be priceless.

A friend in every state


Gosh I didn’t even have a van when I joined, but seeing the ladies getting out and about got me thinking about “doing this” much sooner than I antipated. Thank you for making it real and for making it possible for women to know it’s a wonderful thing to travel and extend our circles of friends.

- Margaret

Inspired to go


this group has given me the inspiration to see this awesome country of ours even when l was waivering about my ability to get there.

- Dianne

Motivated & Ready


the inspiration gained from members shared experiences has helped give me get the courage to take baby steps forward with my travel plans. I can set out with courage and confidence. I’m motivated, I can’t wait!

- Lisa

Where members connect

New Friends

All here because we have a common connection.  Making friends with like-minded souls is easy once you have found “your tribe”.  Connecting via our very own app is a safe and private way to make new friends within the group.

Community & Events

Social get-togethers, camping trips, adventure weekends, themed journey’s, tagalong road trips, workshops and annual events. Find something near you, someplace else or that interests you and come along. Host your own event or get together and invite members to join you.


Within our online community, you can connect with various groups interested in the same things as you…or create your own one.  Local groups, special vehicle interest, hobbies.  Create your own group and like-minded ladies can join in the conversation, events and connect.

Member Discounted Store

Members store with up to 30% off retail shop prices on camping, car, motorhome, caravan and travel related products.  A zone where you can buy our licenced Rolling Solo merchandise including bumper stickers, membership cards, lanyards and more.

Create Posts

Ask questions in the forums and get real and valuable answers.  With Rollers at various levels of road trip, motorhome, caravan, technical and travel experience there is bound to be someone with an answer to your question. Easy to locate and find information and post your answers.

Member Directory & Map

Search for members in the member directory by name or by checking out the map. Get in touch with new members by leaving a message on their profile wall. Handy feature for hosting events to send out invites to members in the area.

Online Pitstops

Easy to find pitstops on the map or put one up yourself.  Great for seeing who’s in the town you’re stopping in at for the night.


Post your for sale ads on the website for free as a member. Sell your campervans, motorhomes, caravans, preloved camping equipment, craft.  List housesits, petsits and jobs available for Rollers. Browse ads of other members in the for sale sections.

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Do I need to own a motorhome or caravan to join?

Owning a motorhome, campervan or caravan is not a pre-requisite to joining.  Our community does mainly focus around independant women, camping, the outdoors and road travel so it’s recommended that you have some way of getting around by road. A growing number of members are just so thrilled to find us and start up camping again that they attend camping get togethers with just their car and a small tent.  As long as you’re getting out there.. we don’t mind your choice of abode.

Is it a women's only group?

Rolling Solo was started as a way for women that enjoy travelling on their own in Australia a safe place to discuss camping related information, make new friends and meet up with other like minded women. Our events are for women only.  Events are a time for us to leave behind the day to day of domestic life and take time out for ourselves.  Chat, laugh, learn and feel comfortable

Do I need to be single?

No.  Rolling Solo is a community for like-minded women that enjoy travelling, adventure and the outdoors.  You don’t have to be single to enjoy those things, however our events, tagalongs, social gatherings and membership is for women that enjoy travelling independently. I’m married with kids, and grandkids!  My partner has never had an interest in camping or roadtrips, so off I go on my journeys as a solo traveller.  The idea of Rolling Solo was to create a network & community of women all over Australia of like-minded women to make friends with and meet up on my travels.   Our events, tagalongs & get togethers are for women only.  Events are a time for us to leave behind the day to day of domestic life and take time out for ourselves.  Chat, laugh, learn and feel comfortable

As soon as I join am I a member?

When you have completed the registration for membership and paid your annual member subscription you are instantly a new member. You will receive a welcome email almost instantly with your new login details and other information to help get you set up and started. You will be able to login and view all your membership details, membership number, create huddles in the app, connect with new friends and access absolutely everything on the member website.  Within 14 working days you will receive your new membership card which also doubles as an event lanyard to wear around your neck. 

What is the general age of members?

What’s funny about our members is once you meet a few, you realise we all are ageless.  Fun, laughter, great stories, like-minded friends, life experiences come with all different numbers. Our members range in age from 30 up to 80.. when you love the outdoors the only thing stopping you enjoying it is usually your attitude.

Do I have to be permanently on the road?

No way!  Whilst there are quite a few that are travelling indefinitely on the road, many of us are part-time Rollers.  Getting out at every chance we can leaving the domesticities of life behind for a night, weekend, week or month. You can join get togethers, camps, tagalongs near you or go on a journey to meet up with others. The only limit is your own time and ability to get there.

I'm still in the dreaming and planning stage. Is this group right for me?

Yes!  One of the best stages to be in.  Tons of tips, information and resources in our online member community to help you get you started with your planning. Draw on the experience and posts of women that started out just like you and put your dreams into action.  You will be so motivated by the community it’s highly likely you will be Rolling before you know it. Apart from the great resources available online, creating a network of new friends to meet at events & when you are on the road is a great way to ease the nervousness of getting out there on your own.

I'm not that great with computers. Is there help available to learn how to use the site?

One of the reasons for the upgrade to this new site was to make it as user friendly as possible. The member site has been designed with the traveller in mind so its easy to read and find information on your phone or tablet when on the road. We have an dedicated help area just for getting you all sorted with “how to” videos and images that are easy to watch.  You can also post directly in the chat page or create a topic in the forum. Don’t worry.  In no time you will be an expert and likely be able to start helping out newer members than you!

Ready to join us?

Ready to join women’s only online, offline & real time community that provides support, friendships, information and connections for independent female roadtrippers interested in camping, outdoor adventure & travel in Australia. 


Events, Social Catchup’s, Tagalong Trips & get together’s for members are the core of our existence.  



We are a “sisterhood of the travelling vans” !


Membership is $46 (incl gst) per year. Your membership will be valid for 365 days from when you join. 

After you have joined we will get your custom membership card, out to you in the mail.  So be sure to add the right address to send your new membership pack to.  Please allow 21 business days for us to organise it and post to you.

You will receive and email after joining with the details of how to access and download our community app


Having problems joining?  Get in Touch Here