Exchange points to spend in the store

You can now earn “Roller” point for interacting on the site, creating content such as blog posts. recipes and pitstops as well as logging in and referring other potential Rollers to join up.

Everytime you earn points for specific things on the website they are added to your points bank. Depending on how many points you have accumulated they can be used for purchases on the website, paying your membership fees and discounts on tickets for events.

See the list below to see what you can earn in Roller Points just by being an active member.

Becoming A Member  500 points

Logging Into the Website  20 Points

Publishing an Event  100 points

Referring a friend to visit the website using your link  1 point

If your friend joins the website  500 points

Add a listing to the Roller wiki 200 points



Exchange your points for a coupon to use in the store

[mycred_to_woo_coupon exchange=”0.001″ minimum=”1000″]