I’m a gadget girl.  Love testing new fandangled bits of machinery that claim to make life easier so this one was a no brainer as it had “technology” and “camping” in the same sentence.

Checking how much LPG I have left in my bottles has been the least to say, a pain in the ####.  My gas bottles are low down, in compartment with an upward hinging door, so in order to keep the door open to inspect the bottles I usually need to use my head…literally. 

Currently I have the gas valve indicators which are between the hose and the bottle valve and have been known to malfunction or not provide a correct reading.. but reading them is really hard to do as they are under and up the tiny compartment.

On a leisurely skim through ebay came across this little fandangler.. a gas level indicator by Truma.  I had to have it .. and now thanks to Australia Post I do.  Take a look at the video to see how it works!