The Build Up and Trek to Ross River Resort

So, there was this Post that popped up on my screen back in Feb 2016.  I read it, and read it again and thought “why not, this sounds like it could be interesting”, so I joined the group.  Yep, Rolling Solo.  I watched as so many others joined too this online women’s camping group, and I knew I was onto a good thing that just got bigger and bigger.  And then, there was this trip planned to the “MIddle”.  So I opted for that too. I had a 16′ Van in the driveway, and a Camper Trailer too and an assortment of minor camping gear in the garage.  So what did I do…I bought another Caravan that’s what.  This one was bigger, for the dogs and me, they wouldn’t get under my feet when they played their rumble game.  I sold the smaller Van, 1st looker took ‘er.  Then I sold the Camper Van, more room in the driveway, bonus.

However, there were dramas getting her prepared to my needs, people who don’t do what they say, and after 7 months of waiting, I bit the bullet and towed her to the professionals and got my upgrades done. Just weeks before we were due to leave, after months of setting up the Melbourne Tagalong, tragedy struck and I broke my ankle in 3 places.  “That’s it” I thought, my trip is over, done, kaput.  But the Possums rallied around me and the girls who had passengers, lent me those passengers to take it in turns to drive me all the way to Ross River, then to Uluru, Kings Canyon, and back to Alice Springs where I had to go to get the cast off.

So today, the manky cast is off and I have a moon boot.  Still not healed, but “goo” to go, so to everyone in my Tagalong, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (or the heart of my bottom) for this most wonderful adventure I have shared with you.  Oh and did I mention I purchased a Dugout in Coober Pedy on the way up?  The start of a new life adventure with my girls Orana and Aria, who have loved this trip as much as I have, and I’m sure, just like me, they are not looking to return to the cold and wet, windy weather in Melbourne, so we aren’t just yet…it’s back to Coober Pedy for a few weeks to sought out Tradies and ideas for my new abode.  (God help me, I have to pack up a 5 bedroom, 2 living room, + an Attic and double Garage) Then we (me, the driver) plan to seek out the Flinders Ranges again, and maybe the Silo Trail, and I have a Red Balloon voucher from my KIds to spend.  I was thinking a Tandem Skydive on the Great Ocean Road?  Too soon for the ankle perhaps?  Hmmm, we shall see.

See what joining a new group can do?

See you on the road Rollers…