Who says you can’t have your favourite brew on the open road? There are loads of portable, power-free coffee systems perfect for satisfying your caffeine needs during your campervan adventures. Strap in, we’re going on a coffee-filled journey!



1. French Press: The No-Fuss Brewmaster

First on the list is the trusty French press, a bonafide classic in the world of coffee.

It’s as straightforward as tossing in some hot water and your ground coffee, then giving it a few minutes to work its magic.

Push the plunger, and there you have it – a fresh, hot cuppa.

I like to use the stainless steel ones, over the original glass plungers.. last things I want on the road is to be hanging for a coffee but my plunger is broke! 

2. AeroPress: The Pocket Rocket

Next up is the AeroPress, a petite yet powerful device that’s ready to rumble.

This nifty gadget also requires hot water and ground coffee, but adds a bit of a twist with air pressure doing some of the heavy lifting.

This compact wonder is not just easy to clean, but also as light as a feather – perfect for those who like to travel light.

4. Stovetop Espresso Makers (Moka Pot): The Strong Silent Type

Fancy a stronger brew?

Say g’day to the stovetop espresso maker or Bialetti Original Moka pot.

Using the power of steam, these sturdy devices deliver a bold, concentrated coffee that’ll wake you up quicker than a kookaburra at dawn.

You’ll need a heat source like a gas stove, but the robust, compact design is perfect for life on the road.

4. Manual Espresso Makers: The Barista on Board

For those who can’t resist a shot of espresso, manual espresso makers like the ROK EspressoGC or the Flair Espresso Maker have your back.

They use a lever to generate the high pressure needed for a proper espresso extraction.

They might need a bit more elbow grease, but for the love of a good brew, it’s worth the workout!

So there you have it – a world of ways to enjoy a brilliant brew while living the campervan dream. The best option? That’s like choosing your favourite beach in Australia – it all depends on your taste, effort, and how much room you’ve got in your van. Happy brewing, gals!