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Building a campfire for Newbs

Campfire 101 for newbs on the road! You’ve just driven for hours, found your perfect place to pull up for the night, pitch your tent or park your motorhome, put out your chair, filled up your wine glass and now you’re ready to craft your first camp fire.  What...

Essential Packing Tips for First-Time Rollers

Camping can be a wonderful low-cost holiday or a great weekend getaway. Heading into the bush and enjoying the beauty of nature is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a tough week at work, and there are plenty of beautiful places to see. As with any other type...

The Build Up and Trek to Ross River Resort

So, there was this Post that popped up on my screen back in Feb 2016.  I read it, and read it again and thought “why not, this sounds like it could be interesting”, so I joined the group.  Yep, Rolling Solo.  I watched as so many others joined too this...

My Great Australian Adventure

It all started with a promise, a promise of a dream that we were going to share together. The big universe had other ideas. So one day in April 2016 up popped my new travelling home in a Facebook message. You see, I had a friend who wanted to share my vicariously and...

Checking your tyre pressures when travelling

CHECKING YOUR TYRE PRESSURE It is essential to the safety and stability of the vehicle that all tyres are correctly inflated. This is a ‘golden rule’ of motoring and of motorhome operation in particular. Incorrect tyre pressures can not only adversely affect the...

Travelling Solo for beginners

Getting Out There For The First Time Perhaps you have recently suffered through a breakup or the unexpected loss of a loved one, and you feel as if the adventurous part of your life is over. Travelling with a partner can be fun, but just because you don’t have a...


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