Advantages of Vacuum Sealing your food for Roadtrips


For the adventurers who call the great outdoors their second home, particularly those in our vibrant community of women explorers, prepping for a camping trip is as much about the journey as the destination. Amidst the excitement of charting new territories and forging connections, managing food supplies in a smart and efficient way is key. This is where the magic of vacuum sealing comes into play. It’s not just a savvy kitchen technique; it’s a game-changer for campers. Vacuum sealing food is like packing a promise of freshness, taste, and nutrition, perfectly preserved for your journey on the open road. Whether you’re navigating the serene coastlines or the rugged outback in your trusty motorhome or caravan, knowing your meals are well taken care of adds an extra layer of comfort and convenience to your adventure. Let’s dive into the world of vacuum sealing and uncover how this simple method can elevate your camping experience, making every meal a delightful and hassle-free part of your journey.

Convenience on the Go

Preparing meals before a trip and vacuum sealing them can save a lot of time during the camping journey. Meals can be portioned and sealed, making cooking and serving much more straightforward at the campsite. With pre-portioned and ready-to-cook meals, you spend less time cooking and more time making memories.

Keep it Fresher, Longer

Vacuum sealing significantly extends the shelf life of food. By removing air from the packaging, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold. This is particularly beneficial for campers who plan extended trips and need their food to last longer. Meats, vegetables, and even dry foods can maintain freshness for days, if not weeks, longer than they would in traditional storage methods.

vacuum sealed food for your roadtrip

Space Saving

Space is at a premium in motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. Vacuum-sealed food takes up less room than food stored in boxes or traditional packaging. This efficient use of space is invaluable, allowing for a greater variety of food to be brought along without cluttering the limited storage areas.

Keep your vacuum pouches as flat as possible for stacking and label them with a sharpie.

vacuum sealed food for your roadtrip

Maintains Food Quality

Vacuum sealing helps in preserving the taste, texture, and nutritional value of food. By preventing air exposure, the food doesn’t suffer from freezer burn or dehydration, often retaining its original flavor and aroma. This means we can enjoy high-quality meals that are as good as fresh, even days into their journey.

Ideal Foods and Meals to Vacuum Seal for Your Rolling Solo Adventures

1. Marinated Meats

  • Perfect for Grilling: Pre-marinate your favorite meats like chicken, beef, or fish, and vacuum seal them. They’ll be ready to grill upon arrival, saving you preparation time and enhancing the flavors.

2. Pre-Cooked Meals

  • Homemade Convenience: Prepare and cook meals like stews, pasta sauces, or chili at home. Freeze and vacuum seal them for easy reheating. This ensures you have hearty, homemade meals with minimal effort on the road.

3. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  • Prolong Freshness: Keep fruits and veggies fresh longer by vacuum sealing them. This is particularly useful for items like berries, sliced apples, or salad greens that tend to spoil quickly.

4. Breakfast Essentials

  • Quick Start Mornings: Pre-cooked and vacuum-sealed items like bacon, sausages, or even pancake batter can make breakfast preparations a breeze, allowing more time to enjoy the morning views.

5. Snacks and Nuts

  • Snack Time Simplified: Vacuum seal your favorite trail mix, nuts, or dried fruits. This not only keeps them fresh but also makes them easy to store and grab when you need a quick snack.

6. Cheese and Deli Meats

  • Charcuterie on the Go: Enjoy a fancy cheese and charcuterie board by vacuum sealing various cheeses and deli meats. They remain fresh longer, perfect for a spontaneous picnic.

7. Portioned Pasta and Rice

  • Ready-to-Cook Staples: Pre-portion pasta or rice and vacuum seal them. This not only saves space but also simplifies meal prep, making it easier to cook just the right amount.

8. Specialty Sauces and Condiments

  • Flavor Enhancers: Homemade or specialty sauces, like pesto, salsa, or barbecue sauce, can be vacuum sealed in smaller portions to add a gourmet touch to your meals without taking up much space.

9. Freshly Caught Fish

  • For Anglers: If you enjoy fishing on your trips, vacuum sealing is a great way to preserve the freshness of your catch until you’re ready to cook it.

10. Baked Goods

  • Sweet Treats: Vacuum seal cookies, muffins, or bread to keep them fresh and prevent them from getting crushed during travel.

Here are some of our favourite food vacuum sealers

Dune 4WD Vacuum Sealer Black 12v / 240v

Take your trip further and keep your food fresher with the Dune 4WD power vacuum sealer! with the included 12v and 240v power cables you can seal your food on the road or at home. 

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Campfire 12V/240V Vacuum Sealer

Keep food fresher for longer with the Campfire Vacuum Sealer. With a combination of both 12V and 240V power options, you can easily seal in the freshness before you hit the road or while you’re out on your next adventure. 

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Dometic 12/240V Vacuum Sealer

Waste not, want not, they say. Well with the Waeco Dometic 12/240V Vacuum Sealer say no to food waste.

By vacuum sealing your fresh meat, vegetables, even leftovers, you reduce the risk of freezer burn in the freezer and can keep food up to 5 times longer in the fridge.

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