A Light-hearted Guide to Packing Your Caravan Just Right

Getting Rolling

The Solo Adventuress’s Guide to ‘Just Right’ Caravan Packing for the Perfect Road Trip!”

Weight Limits:

Just like Goldilocks in our favorite story, your caravan needs everything to be ‘just right’! For your caravan, these include the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), Gross Trailer Mass (GTM), Tare Mass, Payload, Tow Ball Weight (TBW), and Gross Combined Mass (GCM). Each of these is like finding the perfect porridge, chair, or bed in the bears’ house! But remember, going overboard is like facing the bear family unprepared! So, before you start packing, make sure you know these ‘Goldilocks’ limits. Because just like our friend Goldilocks, your caravan has the best adventure when everything is just right!

Tow Ball Weight (TBW):

TBW is the perfect bear hug between your caravan and your car. It’s the weight your caravan ‘squeezes’ onto the car’s hitch, just like Baby Bear’s ‘just right’ hug – about 10-15% of your caravan’s total weight. Too squishy or too tight? That’s like a too-cold or too-hot porridge – not quite right for your road trip!

Pack Balanced:

Visualize your caravan as a see-saw in the bear’s playground. If you load too many bears (or items) on one side, it will tip! Ensure the weight is evenly distributed to keep your caravan steady on the road, just like Goldilocks balanced on that see-saw.

Regularly Check Tyre Pressure:

Your tyres are the sturdy bear legs of your caravan. They need to be strong and ready for any adventure! Make sure they’re filled just right for the weight they’re carrying.


Consider Payload:

Payload is like Papa Bear’s strength – it’s the carrying capacity of your caravan for all your things! But remember, even Papa Bear gets tired. Keep an eye on your payload limit to ensure your caravan doesn’t get overwhelmed.


Weigh Your Caravan:

Taking your caravan to a weigh station is like Goldilocks testing each bed. It’s always a good idea to find the ‘just right’ fit. This step will help ensure you’re within the comfortable and safe limits.


Consider the Weight of Modifications:

Your caravan might be excited to show off its new fancy bear bow tie or sparkly tiara (aka bike rack or solar panels), but remember these stylish additions add to the overall weight. Flaunt with care!


Pack Essential Heavy Items First:

Packing a caravan is like Goldilocks deciding which bear bed to sleep in. Start with the big, Papa Bear items first, placing them low and over the axle. This way, you’ll keep your caravan’s center of gravity as comfortable as the Baby Bear’s bed, making it easier to handle.”


Remember, just like in the story, the secret to a great caravan trip is getting everything ‘just right’.

Happy Rolling!

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