A Blossoming Adventure: Rolling Solo at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival

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The Kalbar Sunflower Festival in South East Queensland was a spectacular event that brought together 21 enthusiastic members of the Rolling Solo community. With an abundance of sunflowers, delightful activities, and the charming town of Kalbar, the festival proved to be a memorable experience for all who attended.


Sunflowers as Far as the Eye Can See

The highlight of the festival was undoubtedly the sea of 1.5 million sunflowers that stretched across the fields. The attendees had the chance to wander through this golden wonderland, immersing themselves in the vibrant beauty of the sunflowers.

The festival also offered market stalls, food vans, and the opportunity to pick their own bunches of sunflowers to take home as cherished souvenirs.

Kalbar Sunflower Festival

A Weekend of Fun and Festivities

Saturday was blessed with good weather, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the day’s activities. The group indulged in sunflower cupcakes and explored the various market stalls. In the evening, a little rain couldn’t dampen their spirits as they gathered at the Cow Bar to participate in games and enjoy each other’s company.

Sue, Tara, Kay, and Cathy gave it their all in the games, celebrating their “not 1st place” finish with laughter and camaraderie. Despite some challenges with uploading videos and photos, their enthusiasm remained high.


Sunflower Fields

A Charming Chapel and Farewell

Kalbar’s quaint charm was further highlighted by its chapel, which hosts an average of three weddings per week. With only 50 seats for guests, it provides an intimate setting for couples to exchange their vows.

The camp ended on Sunday for many due to the large amount of rain and mud. However, a few hardy souls remained for the final night, supporting the local pub and reflecting on the wonderful memories created over the weekend.

The time at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival was filled with joy, laughter, and the beautiful sight of endless sunflowers. The memories made were priceless, and the community looks forward to many more adventures together, embracing the spirit of Rolling Solo and the wonderful experiences it brings.

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