5 Ways to Develop a Sense of Wanderlust

Getting Rolling

One of the best things you can do to add joy to your life is to develop a sense of wanderlust. Material possessions mean little in the grand scheme of life; it is your travels and memories that add deep meaning to your time on earth. If you want to become a person who loves to travel and explore, try the following five tips.

Understand that travel is meant to be an adventure. Even if you’re traveling for business, you can still squeeze moments of adventure into your time on the road. Check out hidden cafes. Visit out-of-the-way shops run by local vendors. Explore scenic areas that aren’t packed with tourists. The more you learn to add a sense of adventure to your journeys, the more you’ll start to feel a sense of wanderlust when you get back home. 

Add music to your travels and you’ll soon be haunted by memories of your explorations. Music has a way of creating visceral memories, especially when combined with travel. You’ll remember where you were each time you hear a song, and will be tempted to grab your passport and head for the nearest airport.

Learn to become more spontaneous in your travel planning. Don’t wait for the travel bug to bite you or for work-related travel. Travel to new destinations just for the sake of making new memories. Explore your local area to discover cool sites you might have overlooked. When you get used to being more spontaneous in your travels, you soon learn how rewarding wanderlust is to your soul.

Documenting your travels through photography and blogging is an awesome way to build your own sense of wanderlust. Create a travel blog to showcase your excursions and share your travel tips and memories with others. Even if you don’t build a huge following for your blog, you’ll have a permanent reminder of your adventures around the world.

Make a point of learning snippets of local languages when you travel. Pick up a new word or expression that only the locals use. As you learn to incorporate your newfound knowledge into your everyday life, you’ll be amazed at how many people you meet who recognize the expressions you’ve learned from your travels. You can build an extended network of travel buddies simply because you took the time to learn a word or two in a foreign language.

It’s easy to develop a sense of wanderlust if you make the effort. Simple little travel tips like these can help you hone your wanderer’s soul and encourage you to open yourself up to the magic of exploring. Before too long you’ll wonder how on earth you were ever happy to stay in just one place without adventuring to places unknown. Do you plan to do more exploring and traveling this year?

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